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Septic Tank Cleaning

A septic tank is one of the most important components of a commercial and residential building. It’s a large container buried underground and has a vital function: Treating wastewater that comes out.


Because it’s dealing with waste disposal, preventing sludge and scum buildup is vital. That’s why septic tank cleaning is needed on a regular basis to ensure the septic tank is treating and disposing of waste as it should so that businesses can run as normal - and, of course, prevent nasty buildup from occurring.

Commercial building septic tanks are generally pumped once every three to five years, but smaller-sized septic tanks for households may need servicing more often. However, septic tank servicing may need to increase for larger buildings where more waste is being generated. Servicing needs also increase if there is a high volume of solids in wastewater.

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Emptying septic tank, cleaning the sewer
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