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Drain Jetting

Drain jetting is a specialised deep cleaning method that is specifically used for blocked drains and sewer pipes. The high pressure of the water is instrumental for unclogging blocked drains and sewer pipes. 

Drains or sewers can be blocked by a variety of materials that can cause damage in the long run. This can include fats, oils, grease, sludge, dirt, mud, and other materials that ultimately end up clogging drains. While there are many options available for cleaning drains or sewers, drain jetting is the most common method because it is safe and cleans effectively without risking any damage to drain or sewer lines.


Rather than put pressure on the pipes, drain jetting allow the water to move through the pipe and breaks apart the buildup clogging the drain or pipe. As a result, the water is able to hit every angle, ensuring thorough removal and leaving a clean drain or sewer pipe.

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